Adventure kit


Bear who? With this colourful kit your little one will be the ultimate adventurer. Everyone loves den building, but occasionally it does take its toll on the sofa cushions/cashmere blankets. So, we’ve come up with the perfect solution – a designated den kit with its own easy-carry haversack, that can be taken to the park, on camping trips, basically anywhere. We realised we were a bit bored with khaki and camo, so this kit is all about colour! Inside the black canvas cross-body bag you’ll find a blue tarpaulin with eyelets, a length of orange paracord, a yellow enamel mug, a green leather adventure notebook, a red pencil and three bright badges (on the bag). We’ve also popped in some tent pegs. We rarely leave the house without ours now – it’s such fun. A great gift (especially with the personalised badge option for an extra £1.50) and you could add a pocket money purse and/or wooden camera for the deluxe version.



Who made this? We did!

What’s it made from? The bag is canvas, badges are metal, paper and plastic, the mug is enamel, notebook leather and paper and tarpaulin, erm, tarpaulin.

Who’s it for? Den builders and colour lovers everywhere.


Additional information


Standard, Personalised, Double Adventure (2 x Mugs, Notebooks & Pencils)

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